A Feather In A Breather

A tide of musical placidity — A Poem/Self

Prasant Trivedi
4 min readSep 15


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Heart becomes a feather
light as cocoon
that yearns for the time
when the growing occurred
the spirit catches its flight
between the melancholy hours
that sift through the evening

it drifts well and far
from one footprint to another
rendered on time’s face
the heart marveling
at fragments of life
that were much alive
charmed and seduced
by old allures


catching breath in places
where a moment comes to entice

It’s the effect
soul feels replenished
with completeness of being
this brief pause in chores
feels like a breather of festivals

© Prasant Trivedi September 2023.

As they say, there is a great power in music. Strange and mysterious. And overwhelming. Irresistible. Inexplicable. Loud, sometimes; placid, the other. Like a lake that is also a storm in a way. Strong in its striking at us even when it is perceptibly mild in its meaning. Like a gentle breeze.

And I am no stranger to the effect. I will be buried under its giant swoop or be drowning in its ocean without taking a dive or knowing that I did.

And I can’t help but wonder if all of us feel that way!

Late Mr. Jagjit Singh was one such poetic soul for me. He was a great ghazal poet, lyricist, singer, creative song writer, a prolific legend and a blessed human. His most heard album songs such as Saher, Mirage, Samvedna and Marasim, that became so popular especially through the years of mid 80’s…



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