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About Me — In My Life, I Am Precisely Where Beauty Inhabits

Prasant Trivedi
3 min readJul 26, 2022

I refuse to be the robot the seemingly decaying human evolution expects me to be.
I refuse to act like I own everything I ever wanted and needed, everything I ever dreamed about. I don’t.
I refuse to be your perception. I refuse to be your shadow.
I am not a mirror with your reflections in it.

I refuse to grovel for your acceptance as it gives me bruises on my knees.
I wish to empty myself of the desire not to be desired.
I hold some love, if not absolute love, for you. I put it in the palm of my hands when I shake your hand, only if you could embrace and take it well.

“I am fond of beauty in its unadulterated form, of coconut water and not a coconut drink.”

“I think, I am, in my life, precisely where true beauty inhabits and remains quietly hidden, or quietly amazing. It is true in many ways”

I say NO to performing the character I am not, the character I never intend to be or will be.

I believe it’s not in my character to be otherwise, to be any other way.
Because there is no other being for me. I wasn’t born with many versions.
I have no clone in the universe. I am the one, only one single piece.

Call me unique or whatever you make of me. I have stopped regretting things because I am not convicted in anybody’s court.

I am not guilty of not committing a crime in the jungle of animals, definitely non-guilty of innocence.

I am as soft as you can be. As hard as you can get. I carry as many limbs as you and I do.

I carry my own fat and flaws, goodness and imperfections, I fumble and stumble, and I possess a fair weight of a paunch without a tinge of fright now; no shame, remembering that they didn’t have to feed my belly on the dry days of chai-and-biscuits I had.

At times, I am also somewhat a miser, being a middle-class creature, knowing that I have to pull off a lot of plans and workouts just to reach as an entrant at the smallest contest.

You may peel away my surfaces to find the same amount of joy and sadness, wisdom and conscience, strength and weakness, love and notions, as you see in the unpeeled me.
I am disgusted by the wrong, seduced by the right.
I am not a pet to any government, the only one I choose to salute is mother earth.

I am frightened to an extent to live in a few unsafe spaces of the world, but I refuse to buy pusillanimous spirits.
I deny your offer to be timid (if you have any). Or to be more heroic than I am. To be provoked. To be someone I barely am.

Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash

In all my honesty, I have been through enormous pain and struggles given by the body I carry and the life I had to live, endangering the quality of my life but never my hope for the future.
None of the agonies I endure defines me or stops me although I refuse to take stoic certificates from saints.

I once thought there was an engineer in me. so I became one. But then I realized, with a curse of divine hindsight, that by the time I received the degree, the engineer had long left my brain. Not even the word of it felt inside me.

That the engineer who created the world had fostered in me a creative, intellectual child, growing and swelling to be a thinker and an explorative writer.

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Thank you for reading the Quote-styled piece of About Me. All the views and opinions presented here in this expression about myself emanate from me and are solely attributed to me.

It is my own habits of reading books and literature that have in many ways transformed, inspired, and invigorated me, offering me joy and sadness and strength, putting me on a path to becoming a sensitive soul and an expressive human being.

Prasant Trivedi

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