Lyrics And Waves

Entering the skin and beyond (Poem)

Prasant Trivedi
2 min readSep 21


The whole of the body
turns into tranquility
meaningfully so
whose other name is joy
when the words of lyrics
travel over
the waves of music
to reach the finest soul;

cassettes played
by mind
songs unleashed
by heart

the heart feels the words
long before they hit the ear
the music and lyrics
made for each other

what betides then
is fistful of love freed
from the trap of lust
no rules followed
no conditions forced
no desire felt to escape.

Music being in marriage
with the soul
launches a deep trance
feeds my heart
with an obscure emotion
and dusts of longings
until it is a sated ocean within.

Is it one of serene achievement?

© Prasant Trivedi September 2023

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