On The Other Side of The Young Sea

A small expression of poem on the journey of life from the childhood. From the eyes of a realist poet.

Prasant Trivedi
2 min readSep 26


Photo credit: A Daman beach water (Gujarat, India) captured by the Author Prasant Trivedi

Childhood was sucked away
by the diabolical invasions
of time and its raging age
borders were crossed
thresholds were abandoned
life went into a new circle
gone beyond and above
to nestle well
in an open sky of truths
and the island of beings
old, young and youngest;
clouds and dust
wind and breezes
jolts and journeys
from one experience to another
wisdom derived from each trip
lessons learned or yawned at
a few sways savored here and there
dancing to anomalous rhythms
songs inhaled
sighs exhaled
worried and woebegone
over loss and disasters
cavorting with ecstasy and laugh
over friendly grains and measly lucre
and temporary lusts for dead materials;
eternal pining for dream places
for dream houses and dream romance
disturbed by short hands of money
shocked by distressing accidents
devastated by grief and horrors
striving to find rest by blurry horizons;

under the shadow of reflections,
along the vast opening trail of nature
must I sit now, watching and marveling
at the rims of sea, accepting all things
absurd, mulling over the gone and
the coming, in a fleeting flicker of joy.

credit: Prasant Trivedi

© Prasant Trivedi 2023

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